I need a Level 72 Infinity for my Assassin

Would anyone happen to have a Level 72 (or slightly less, I don’t mind) Infinity that they’d be willing to part with. I’m trying to finish Ult Vault Mode with Zer0 and Doc Mercy ain’t dropping. I’d appreciate it and I’d be willing to trade and Oranges that I have!

If you still haven’t got one tomorrow, I can farm you one.

That would be right neighborly of you. I’d also by up to finding people to play with if you’d like to go through Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.

Did this get sorted? Have a few infinity pistols in a range of elements?
Gt =ScaryCartoons (xb1)

Nope. I’d appreciate one if you wouldn’t mind. :slight_smile:

Not at all buddy! I’ll help you out where can, I am uk timezone based and just about to call it a night for today. But if you drop me a message on xbox il tell you want I have available for you.
#edit# have a lvl 71 shock, 72 fire,72 corrosive you are more than welcome to take, plus a few bitches not sure on elements and a shrapnel slayer siren head (bunker) I need to get shot of as need my backpack space again😀 you get 1st shout dude.