I need a Lv. 72 Antagonist Shield!

Does anyone have a Lv. 72 Antagonist shield, Lead Storm/Shredifier(Dahl Stock, No Sight), Corrosive/Shock Kitten(Dahl Stock, No Sight), Corrosive Butcher(Hyperion Stock, Jakobs Grip, Hyperion Sight), Chain Lightning, Conference Call(Hyperion Stock, Jakobs Grip, Hyperion/Torgue Sight), Sand Hawk(Shock, Maliwan Grip, Dahl sight, Hyperion Stock), and an Ogre(Dahl Stock, No Sight) Stock they can GIVE me on Xbox 360?

Xbox Live: The327thJedi49.

Stopping by before the Thread is locked… BYE now

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Duping is not allowed in the forums. I recommend consulting the Forum Rules…

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No duping. Please read the rules. Thanks.

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