I need a roided rough rider.. or the corrct loot source

Ive been killin the mini guy in electra underground for 5 hrs… over 27 times ive killed the… horrible copy of brad williams… dinklidge is too prestigious to use for this joke… but im at my whits end… please someone ive got great trade fodder specially mods for flack but i wanna solo the maliwan raid and this shield seems to be the only thing holding me back.
Please and thank you
Xbox 1

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Urist McEnforcer is listed as the dedicated drop source for the rough rider. So, if you are farming him you are in the right place. Drop rates for dedicated drops are pretty low.

Good luck.

there is some discussion whether the RR even works in BL3.

well ■■■■… i can say that right… they have a grenade mod called piss… so im gonna say its ok… mods dont crucify me

Moved you to the trading section since that seems like a better bet.

You can say /four squares in a row/ as often as you like! Covers a multitude of sins.

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curses!! censored before it could even offend anyone! ah well i shoul have known.

Have. I’m looking for a good snowdrift Otto idol

well i have a few show drifts but its the loaded dice and other s not tthe otto though

If my xbox doesn’t crash opening borderlands I’ll check when I’m home, I think I might have one

well hey there oh stray from down unda, thanks man. Ill be chasing a particularly ugly midget in electra city untill then. ive gotten lots of farming done since our doomed attempt at the takedown so im allways happy to reimburse you in equalivent loot

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They were fixed in the last patch.

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No probs at all, if I got one I’ll just send across, IF I can log in lol.

Wait before we make this trade do you mean they fixed the stacking glitch, cuz I have a mitosis hacks in that lovely elemental shade of radiation, I mean homing double divider so it I think it’s one step up from the clone but the clone could also be the other Merv I know recurring is the best and mitosis is one of the best no anointment. I also have a artifact of the ice-breaking victory Rush it’s radiation damage and incendiary resistance and 40% Maxg size.

The thing that they fixed was the depleted bonus not applying.

Well then sir would you like to trade for one of my items for your shield? I assumed probably going to be the artifact because it’s closer to what you listed, sorry the radiation mitosis is not anointed. Gamertag is TexasRevolution no spaces… Yeah that sounded a lot less silly thing looks typed out… Just let me know the exact numbers on the ice break victory r35 bonus damage 50% cry efficiency 18% movement in 60 seconds 29% in fire…text to speech don’t like multi-syllable words… resistance 40% mag size and 16% radiation damage

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i got all my rough riders from graveward. i didn’t even know it dropped from mcenforcer.

Do you have one yet?

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where its drop?

I got mine from Wotan

Urist McEnforcer (Rare spawn) in Lectra City is a dedicated drop for ‘Rough Rider’ but also ‘Re-Charger’ and ‘Masterwork Crossbow’ so I wish much luck or better huge amount of time with the ~4% drop chance and it only spawning perhaps ~(1 of 10) game restarts.