I need a serious expert here for number crunching

Thank you for whoever responds! Im wondering how much a +39% recharge rate increase from a Skin would affect me. Below is my build with legendary soldier.

Your full delay would be around 0.9336924506699334.
I’m like 99% positive I miscalculated it though. Seems way off since I used a very similar set up with a perfect BBB that when timed was slightly over a second.

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This would be for recharge rate though :frowning: im trying to see how much of a difference a +39% recharge rate relic would make with my Axton, or if it would be laughably insignificant. Any ideas?

I’m using a calculator do to it and it’s really weird.
says it’s .8 but I know that’s wrong.

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That is weird! Im just trying to find out if having a +39% recharge rate increase on a relic would do anything after the diminishing returns from the BAR and skills. Honestly, the less it does, the better. I dont want to look for this relic anymore, and i wont have to if the change is laughably insignificant.

I have +82.2% recharge rate without the relic, and im hoping that +39% will only add like 50 points or something.

its not 82.2%. Its way less.

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Sorry, i have no idea how this works :frowning: im just hoping that an expert will be able to squeeze a solid recharge rate number that the +39% equates to after the Willing and BAR buffs. Im so clueless.

just leave it at it’s somewhere between 0.1 and 0.8

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But what does that mean? :frowning: what is .8 based on? Am i looking at it like a whole number, like i would 197,000 recharge rate? Is it literally less that 1? Sorry for my ignorance :frowning:

I was talking about delay.
Rate is easy since thats all additive.

This entire time I’ve been reading rate as delay…

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Additive is good, right? Now that you know it’s recharge rate would you be able to come up with a number that the +39% would add after BAR and Willing? I have no idea how to get that hard 39% number. No wonder we were both confused XD

Additive is good enough.

This is why I need more sleep but I’m training my body to beat a world record.

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Any idea what that +39% would come out to? And now im imagining you counting flakkers as you drift off, and it is beautiful.

147984 + (willing + relic + bar)

Im pretty sures its additive

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So that 39% makes a pretty huge difference.