I need a team! (Ps4)

I always get paired up with people who do not know how to play. Bruh went 1-19 lmao. looking to play with people who know how to play! xPEx_theSHIFT
Any game mode but I run Caldarius so don’t pick him aha. Who wants to play!?

Were on right now. Chairman7wjr

Play with us

Yall full?

Dropped you over to the PS4 section. Best of luck on your search.

We won 3 straight and rolling!

Just an update, we win 8/11 matches last night and built a pretty strong comraderie. Loving the game and the community.

As you can see, he fit in just fine. :wink: @asapcaldi

Hi there! I feel your pain. Queuing solo has left me with a crappy W/L ratio. Played with a team of 5 for the first time the other night and whoa, what a difference microphones and teamwork make. We were steamrolling MFers. Anyways, if you’re 18+ and interested in finding a regular crew, feel free to check out our group on the100. We’re less than a week old but off to a strong start. Sign up is easy, then just join a session or post your own. Either way, good games to you and cheers!

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I like seeing groups form up like this. Good stuff!

I play ps4 and almost have mastered miko and sometimes use either thorn or kelvin

mcfc_fan6 is my psn

I’m down!

PSN ID: delcynn

PSN animal_ninja