I need an artifact or shield with 100% corrosive protection

Like the title says, I need an artifact or shield or class mod or whatever with 100% corrosive protection. I had something earlier in the game that fully protected me from corrosive damage as well (I think) all other elemental damage, but forgot where or how I obtained it and would love to find it again. Can anyone tell me where I can farm for such an item?

I could be wrong. But I am not aware of anything that does that.
There is Transformer shield 100% electric resist and electric recharges shield. Also bullet absorb.
Red suit(?) 100% radiation resist and rad dog to nearby enemy’s.
Don’t think there are others. Someone feel free to correct me.

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Can you use the Embers Blaze shield (not sure if i have the name correct) + an artifact with +fire damage reduction to get 100% immunity to fire?

I don’t think there exists any shield that is immune to corrosive. There are some adaptive shields though that you could activate by applying a corrosive dot to yourself… but that’s probably not really worth it.

You can get plenty of artifacts from the scraptrap location in the handsome dlc. At least I saw plenty during the bloody harvest event.

Freddy drops quite a few and seeing his exploit hasn’t been fixed…

I don’t think anything but the transformer gives 100%.

The only elements you can fully resist in this game are shock (transformer) and radiation (redsuit).

I guess what you could do if you are on Zane (and I’m not sure if it would actually work) is spec down the green tree to Really Expensive Jacked and also wear a Techspert class mod with a point in it, which in theory should make you immune to elemental status effects (but not elemental damage as a whole).

Unfortunately REJ doesn’t scale like that with Techspert. It has very strong diminishing returns with more than 1 point. It was like 67% if I’m remembering right.


Can you be immune to fire with Embers Blaze + artifact that has fire damage reduction?

Are u on ps4? I have a shield u may want… psn johnboy8106

Maybe just about.

I don’t think a corrosive immunity item exists. There may have been a way you got there with multiple items adding up % resistances to get to (or beyond) 100%.

Here is a spreadsheet of all the epics and unique items. Maybe it’ll help you find a combo that suits your needs.

Maybe Amara with her One with Nature skill + the new Gas Mask Shield could work to negate most of the damage. With a purple Avenger Class Mod you can get 10 points into it, making it like 80% Elemental Damage Resistance to the currently equipped Action Skill Element (In Corrosive’s case, Blight Tiger)

You can get more than 100% resistance to fire that way but you still won’t be immune to it due to how resistance works in this game. Wish I could provide a more technical explantion

wtf how does that make any sense

Thanks for the replies guys. Forgot to mention I’m using Moze lvl 65 and on PC.

Anyway I’ll check out those tips but the just to clarify, the reason I wanted some corrosive protection is because I’m using a KILLER assault rifle called Breath of the Dying. The damage this gun does is pretty insane but the drawback is that when it kills an enemy, it fires several corrosive blobs in several different directions that do massive damage! If you get hit by one of them it’s instant FFYL!!

This makes it a love it but hate it type of gun. I love it because of the crazy damage but I hate getting hit by those damn corrosive blobs that fire back at me. If I had something that countered the corrosive damage it inflicts I’d be golden :slight_smile:

Actually, the blobs don’t kill you if you get hit by them directly. It’s the splash that kills you. If you stand away from the enemies, walls etc, you just don’t get killed.

Easier said than done, but when I use the gun, I run towards the blobs. Because if the blob is coming to you, it means there was nothing that the blob could hit on the way, meaning the direction is safe.

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Yes you are right. I just learned that today lol. Anyway a funny thing just happened…I switched to mayhem lvl 11, which doesn’t have any modifiers, and for some reason this gun isn’t shooting any corrosive fireballs at me anymore! Could it be that it was one of the Mayhem modifiers that was active all along that caused this? If so, why didn’t it happen when using any other gun besides the Breath of the Dying assault rifle?

The corrosive balls are the weapons effect, mayhem shouldn’t effect that.

You could try a corrosive old god. Gives 20% shield element resist plus 25% resist to all elements. Get some corrosive resist passives on your com and artifact to round it out.