I need an Evisceration Grog Nozzle lvl 61 or under

If anyone has an evisceration grog nozzle I would highly appreciate it

The grog nozzle is a quest item from the TTAoDK dlc. As long as you have the quest open it will be in your inventory but it will spawn with random parts each time so it won’t always be evisceration.

A while back, during the 100k Loot Hunt event I believe,
for 1 day the Grog Nozzle was a droppable gun
(I think, by the Gold Golem from Mines of Avarice)
so some people who got the Evisceration Grog to drop that day
get to have it as an actual gun at a set level that they got the drop at :slight_smile:

They should do that for THC I’d feel less like I’m cheating if I had an actual levelled grog nozzle Haha

if you have the quest The Beard Makes The Man and didn’t turn it in you have a grog nozzle in your inventory if you start the game you can check witch prefix is on the weapon.
save and quit until you have the Evisceration grog prefix.