I need Flipper, DNA, Laser Sploder, Kyb's Worth and It's Piss

Hey, anyone got these on PS4? I need them to go with my LVL 65 Mayhem 11 Amara build.

Obviously any of those is fine, but if you have more than one of those, the better.

My PSN is Vokhaon37!


I’ve got most of them. What elements and annointments?

Hey man, thanks for the reply!

Cryo but shock will do as well.

Anointment: While under 50% health, deal 150% bonus radiation damage.

You got some?

I can help with the Flipper and DNA. Its piss is the OGT annointment.
Add me and send a separate PSN message as a reminder and we’ll sort it out. I’m good for gear just need help with copies if that’s ok.

Thanks man, appreciate it. Of course yeah, I’ll help it’s the least I can do.

Forgot to give you the grenade!