I need friends Lol

Hey everybody. I just read up on these bounty posts that are supposed to pop up on sanctuary notice board. I have probably ONE friend that plays borderlands. Anyone willing to let me add them on Xbox so I can get some bounties once in a while?..

GT: ICE Faux Pirate

I play in my free time which isn’t much, but if me just coming across these rare spawns helps them appear on your bounty board, add me.

GT jflake05

Cool. Thanks fellas.

can i add you too just going through it in my spare time.?


Yep. Go ahead dude.

My handle is RavenMock3r

add me GT:Spytock

GT: ScapularWheat87

feel free to add (casual gamer but manage to come across the bounties now and again)

Thanks guys.

GT: The d3adpupp3t
I went through, earlier, and cleared all of them for my friends. :smirk:

GT: FunnelCakeFrank

GT ViewyGolf675585 that’s right I picked the first gamer tag that appeared what of it

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Im on every night. :smiley:. GT: whatevercb

Add me too: C Cissna

GT: Tenebrouswulf

Got an xbox club for peeps here, feel free to join to find other players :slight_smile:

Xbox Club for BL3

Feel free to add and message if ya need anything…X PsYkoTiC1 X

Thanks everyone. I’ve got a nice list of friends now. And my bounty board is always full. Thanks

Thanks man. I sure will

I’ll check it out

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