I need friends Lol

Cool. Thanks fellas.

can i add you too just going through it in my spare time.?


Yep. Go ahead dude.

My handle is RavenMock3r

add me GT:Spytock

GT: ScapularWheat87

feel free to add (casual gamer but manage to come across the bounties now and again)

Thanks guys.

GT: The d3adpupp3t
I went through, earlier, and cleared all of them for my friends. :smirk:

GT: FunnelCakeFrank

GT ViewyGolf675585 that’s right I picked the first gamer tag that appeared what of it

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Im on every night. :smiley:. GT: whatevercb

Add me too: C Cissna

GT: Tenebrouswulf

Got an xbox club for peeps here, feel free to join to find other players :slight_smile:

Xbox Club for BL3

Feel free to add and message if ya need anything…X PsYkoTiC1 X

Thanks everyone. I’ve got a nice list of friends now. And my bounty board is always full. Thanks

Thanks man. I sure will

I’ll check it out

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GT: Blackhawk2386

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Just started a week or so ago. Add me