I need Gameplay Help

I only brought tiny tinas assault on dragon keep yesterday and it has been an awesome downloadable content. I would ask a friend called pookie but he’s helped me so much, hes just an awesome dude so I’ll give him a break haha! But I’m at the stage where i have to defeat the handsome sorcerer and his other 3 sorcerers. I could really use some help

I will be on around 7:00 pm cst zone if you still need help.what level are you?

I think I recall shock and slag elements being useful against him. Here’s an old thread related to your topic:


This quote seems particularly relevant…

1st form: Flying Shock Sandhawk - 10 seconds
2nd form: Practicable Fire Butcher - 10-15 seconds
3rd form: Flying Shock Sandhawk - 30 seconds (Ignore his summons, focus on him)

I have defeated him now. I just need someone or some people to help me defeat the raid boss, the ancient dragons. I am level 53 in UVHM.