I need Gear help

I would first like to add, I love the game. A buddy and I play every night. But we, like others would love to know more about gear and how it effects characters. I know some gear is obvious. I’m asking at the moment about heal power? Does this work for any character? How about Deande and her like steal? What about Boulder and his regen?
We tried testing but couldn’t tell if it was working. It would be appreciated if someone would let us know.

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To add to my first question. Gearbox, I think everyone playing the game would like to have a specific area for gear load outs on the forums. I’ve seen and read too many conflicting answers about gear. It would be very helpful to have a place on the forums that explained each piece of gear. I know some gear is obvious. But from the many and conflicting questions and answer I think a special place would be very welcomed. Plus if people don’t realize gear, next to your ability as a gamer is problem the most important aspect to a character and it’s chance at kicking butt

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Yea, I think some light shed would help a lot of peoples.

I, for 1, am since the CTT and to this day a bit confused concerning the diffs between (gear promoting) movement speed vs sprint speed vs attack speed.

There, I said it.

Thanks for the reply. I’m hoping more reply just to get some attention.
I think movement speed is your overall speed not sprinting.
Sprint only speeds up your sprinting.
Attack speed is any attack you have speeds up. Like shooting, mele, blasting, or anything attached to Rt and Lt.
But does attack speed affect miko’s heal beam? Should it? Idk.
Either way a 100% answer would help everyone

From what I understand, though I have yet to get someone on Xbox willing to help me test, Heal Power gear affects how much healing you perform, while Healing Received gear affects how much healing is performed on you. Meaning, both pieces should affect life steal, as that generates healing score. However, I don’t think innate health regeneration is affected, as that doesn’t generate any healing score.

Movement speed is all forms of legwork affecting horizontal movement. Meaning, higher movement speed grants faster strafing and walking and sprinting.

Sprint speed is just affecting the speed at which you sprint, though to a greater degree than just movement speed gear.

Attack speed is how fast your primary/secondary attacks are sent out. For characters with guns, this means how fast you’ll reach the end of your clip, for characters with melee, it’s how fast you get through your combo.

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Heal power is how much you do and does effect life steal healing recvived is how much you take however it does not effect self healing.

Am I crazy for asking why in the world heal received doesn’t work for life steal?

I haven’t tested this but from what I can gather the life steal is based on a percentage of DMG dealt. What I would assume with this is the more attack power you have the more the healing you would get but I really don’t know if the healing received gear would increase anything on that. Would be great to test to find out.

Boulders regen is simple it isn’t really classified as a heal so a healing received wouldn’t do any increase on his health regen the only item that would boost that is the + Health regen gears.

Movement increase is just a base increase to you regular jogging and sprint speed combined but at a lower percentage increase while the sprint speed is just a raw increase to just your sprinting but may yield a higher percentage.

Attack speed and attack power also would vary between what type of character you play. If playing a melee character it is mostly advised to get attack speed gear while playing a burst character with either a gun or some sort of ranged offense it is better to get attack dmg which would in theory increase the guns effective range. Since Melee dmg increase wouldn’t change range for a melee character the attack speed would make them swing a lot faster. You can go either or for gear in this regard though but I do believe one is more effective than the other depending on range.

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I’m on Xbox add me if ya want. Off for few weeks over the summer and have plenty of time to play. I’ve got 3 lvl 13 and 1 lvl 10. Gold on all advance except 2. I’ve got maybe 50 pvp games maybe more.

GT: getmused

Our main question really revolves around heal power. And how it affects deande and Boulder

Tx, @Frost_Mikkel and @vardren232 :dukeaffirmative:

Because its a self heal and healing received doesnt include self healings.
As to why they made this chioce i dont know probably because healing received gear has higher percent than healing power.

As soon as I said it I realized it. Thanks