I need help accessing my shift account on my xbox 1

I can’t sign in because it says I already have a profile associated with gearbox software which I don’t or don’t think so
How can I fix this

First off, go here and see what it says under Gaming Platforms:


Done that already

And it showed…?

It Saud linked

OK, so there’s a few possibilities as to why that might be the case. The first thing to do - given you’re sure you didn’t link your XBL GT to Shift before in either BL2 or TPS - would be to un-link the account and then try re-linking your current GT.

same result

Did you use the unlink option on the web site before attempting to sign in? You probably need to have quit out of the game when you do that.

Yes I’ve don’t that I’ve gone as far as to delete my account and create another email for this
Yet I still have the exact same problem

Is there a number I can call

Unfortunately, no. You will need to open a support ticket directly:


Under ‘Game’ choose other; under ‘Game Issue’ choose SHIFT. You should also grab your Shift support ID. You can find this from the in-game menu: Options > Extras > Press Y.

You’ll want to gather as much information as you can for your ticket. In particular, you’ll need to have a list handy of the email accounts associated with your SHIFT and XBL accounts.