I need help, biiig help

Sooo just got on my level 72 Zer0 aaand…I’m pissed. I’ve still got my almost 20,000 badass rank, all my bonus stats were reset without my badass tokens to make up for it. Also, I went in to change my skin, and all my non-given skins and heads had notifications on them saying new, though I’ve got OCD and know for a fact I went through them to rid myself of all those notifications. I’m DEFINITLEY annoyed, and hopefully there’s a way to fix this?


What platform are you on?

I’ve seen the heads/skins get toggled to ‘new’ a couple of times, but not the reset of bonus stats without the ability to reassign the points. Check your stash contents golden keys - do those seem to be what they should be?

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No I’ve got one key, I used all of them a day or so ago.

And I’m on PS4

OK Moved you to the correct section.

Not sure what to make of your situation if nothing is actually missing from your game. All I can suggest is file a support ticket for the missing BAR tokens and see if the folks there can help.