I need help finding/ Making to most broken build possible

So I was wondering what is the most broken sal pistal build I can possible make on ps4, I have Handsome Collection so all dlc, I’m currently using a cramed unkempt Harold in 1st slot, grog in second, hard uh in 3rd and lady fist in 4th
I know a dpuh is better but savage Lee is picky.

What weapons, items, and other accessories do you recommend and what skills should I spec into.

This should have all you need :


I’ll give it a look

Dpuh will give you the highest DPS, but it might not give you the best results.

I’ve had more success with the damage or bullet speed accessories. You should try them out and see for yourself.

But more important than the accessory is the grip. I’ll take a Torgue grip Harold with just about any accessory before any dpuh without the right grip.