I need help for I'm confused

I have both borderlands 1 and 2 for my Xbox one but I’m confused on how to get the vault veteran outfits for borderlands 2 and I’m confused on how to get them. Can someone explain ?

On the original 360 version, if you had a BL1 save present the first time you launched BL2, you would get the rewards. The check was only run once, so if you didn’t have a BL1 save present that first time, you were out of luck.

I’m not sure if the same feature was included with the Handsome Collection version of BL2 and the BL1 Remaster - I already had those cosmetics in the files I transferred from the 360 version of BL2. I’m a bit dubious about that, as I don’t remember it being advertised as a feature (and the Remaster came out after the HC version).

However, I do remember getting extra Vault Veteran cosmetics when I played BL2 DLC5 and started a boosted character.