I Need help gearbox πŸ˜€

Hey gearbox :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I’m not sure if I buy modern warfare or borderlands Do you still have a good argument to decide me for you?

I may not be a GB dev, but I can pose to you a simple question:

Do you want to play PvP or PvE?
MW = PvP
BL3 = PvE

It depends on how mutch you play and how mutch do you play at pvp games.

Borderlands is an investment on the fun it will give you untill the end of the story vanilla AND the fun it will give you with the events, dlcs, free stuff ecc ecc.

MW is just to play pvp at the end of the day.

I’m not a pvp kind of guy so my opinion is preatty biassed right now but i would say BL3 just because MW will probably have some sales in a few months? BL3 way longer than 4/5 months.

I beg to differ Call of Duty game have storymodes.

ItΒ΄s EA who thinks singleplayer campaings are bad, and we got those poor β€œwar stories” instead

and one of them was insulting to Norweigians