I need help getting through M4 Takedown so that

I can farm legendaries so that I can get through Maliwan takedown on M4 without dying.

Anyone on some time? I’m also keen to do circle of slaughter, really any effective means of getting guns. Solo M4 really isn’t giving better gear than solo m3, but its more annoying.
PSN: SuprSaiyanRockr

Ps. Does matchmaking suck or is nobody playing this?

Nah matchmaking sucks

im assuming now which you can solo it you just solo the raids as doing it in 4 players can be pain if teammates don’t have good enough gear or have wrong set up on skills. I been in few raids with people who didn’t have right gear or skills set up and they just instantly died and when your left on your own with 4 player setting on you then get screwed over.