I need help, grenade dilemma

Ok i just started a Zane and i’m at lvl 27. I’m running sntnl and shield skill’s but have an issue with not being able to throw grenade’s, unless i’m missing something. What would be an ideal build to counter this or increase the shield’s viability to make up for this? Do i need to reach max level and pick certain skill perk’s, have certain equipment? Like i said this is my first run with him and he’s quickly becoming my fav character so please help keep him at the top. Much thank’s.

Nades outside a few are very underwhelming in BL3 your not missing much. For leveling Id suggest Clone drone. Clone dome doesnt really get good till you can get CCC, and winters drone and Static field on your drone Which at the earliest is 33. If your built into CCC right now you can get grenades back at 29 with your Drone dropping them.


Until you hit 50 most damage will come from Clone and Drone as stated. It is not a bad idea to pick up Barrier for a few boss fights. Won’t do as much damage, but you will live the whole fight. Just some tips I had shared to me too leveling up.

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Id say its really viable from 40 as the 10 points in the red tree are just bonus damage.

As some have already stated grenades are underwhelming in BL3 so not being able to throw them is not a significant loss of DPS. Therefore you should try to think of grenades more in terms of utility/augmentation and less in terms of killing power. For example, if you find a Storm Front or any good tesla grenade it’s utility becomes about stripping shields. Or if you want to focus on DPS than focus on grenades with the on throw or ASE elemental anointments.

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I really like Drone Delivery and On Grenade Thrown anoints since it just happens automatically and you can just focus on gunning sh*t down. It works really well. For mobs… singularity or mirvs or whatever flavor you like.

What are winters drone and static field? Sorry ,didnt see any skills by those names if thats what they are. For me grenades are a tactical strategy, depending on the situation. Losing them in this case will be an adjust but a doable adjust.

Ok i see what your saying.

Nevermind i found it.

There’s a few skills that allow you to throw grenade, notably Drone Delivery, Duct Tape Mod and Fractal Frags (that one only works when using your Clone though).

There’s also a shield called the Revengenator that has a chance to throw a grenade when you are hit but I’m not sure if it has a specific drop source.

No matter what you do, unless you sacrifice one of your action skills you have very little control over your grenade throws with Zane, as all methods to do so are more or less passive. On the other hand, the right setup will essentially grant you an infinite amount of grenades which is kind of nice.

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I use Drone Delivery with a Radiation grenade to good effect.
While the initial damage might not be huge, the radiation effect is very useful to weaken a mob and get the rad explosion on kill.
Very happy with it.

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Will be trial and error, having infinite grenades is kind of sweet!

Radiation has clearly become my fav element right now.

Hex nades always work for me on my Zane. They work great via drone delivery or duct tape.

Been using Quasar with radiation anointment on M4. Reduces the amount of fire I take, bunches enemies up, and helps against shields…

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Oh yeah, good crowd control. Nice, never even crossed my mind for it.