I need help, I know nothing about betas

How do I download the open beta, Do i have to have Battleborn pre ordered, does it have to be pre loaded? etc etc.

Hello there, Zom.

I 've taken part in a few Open Betas, so I could potentially answer most of your questions.

So, when a Beta is open, it means that anyone can take part in it! You do not need to have pre-ordered or pre-purchased the game in order to take part in it. You just download it and start playing. You can even tell your friends to come and join you.

The way to download the beta client varies depending on your platform:

  • If you are on PC, then you need to have a Steam account and download it from there.
  • If you are on PS4, you need to download it through the Playstation Network.
  • Finally, if you are on Xbox One, you need to download it through the Microsoft Store.

Bare in mind that if you are an Xbox One user, you also need to be an Xbox Live user in order to participate in the Beta. Xbox Live Gold members will have access to all Story and Competitive Modes in the Open Beta. Xbox Live Silver members will be able to play private Story Mode episodes and private Competitive Modes, but will not have access to public matchmaking features.

You can download the beta client, either on the day that the beta begins (April 8th for PS4, April 13th for PC and X1) or before that day. Downloading a game/beta client before the actual game/beta is released is known as PRE-loading. It’s not necessary to preload, but preloading will allow you to start playing immediately once the servers get online and not having to wait for the download to finish on the first day of the beta.

If you are on PC and have a Steam account, you can add me and I can walk you through the process, although it is quite easy to do.


Thanks! I’ve never done a beta before and I was scared I’d have to pre order to play the beta.

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This’ll be my first ever beta as well. Looking forward to trying out this game, as I still have no idea at all whether I will want to buy it. Fortunately, it looks like I’ll be able to take some time off during the beta so I’ll get a pretty good look!

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If you are on the PS4 and want all the extras that will be unlocked when the game goes live then I also suggest signing up for a SHiFT account and linking it to your PSN account. Then when the game goes live you’ll receive the first DLC pack for free when it becomes available. A little bonus for those on PS4 who participated in the beta courtesy of Sony.

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Betas are fun, but to put a disclaimer on it that all betas do come with the unspoken, sometimes spoken, idea that a beta can be 100% different from the end result. There have been games like this where sometimes they like the beta more than the actual game and vice versa. There have been numerous times when the beta feels like a game and in some instances are actually just a small bit of the game like the destiny beta.

I have been involved with numerous betas and I do enjoy them. Just fair warning from experience is that the beta should be taken with some caution.

as far as i can tell you, my only advise is enjoy the game, play it as u actually bought it, then leave some feedback if u have something to say, even just if you just want to say u lliked this game, or if u didn’t

I understand what you’re saying, because I’ve heard the same thing about other games. But with barely a month between the open beta and official launch I’m not that concerned about it.

TBH neither am I, that post was more of a warning and disclosure thats apart of all beta programs. I think the game will be fine and any feedback is mostly gonna be minor tweaks.

I imagine a lot of it will be looking at server loads, matchmaking, and monitoring for potential balance tweaks. That said, I’m also guessing that they more experimental players may find the odd previously-unknown glitch or two - always seems to be the case!

From what some of the people who have been playing the game a bit more like Bahroo, they have already seen major changes from the last time the public had access to the game, which was the closed technical test.

I can’t wait to see what changes have been had first hand.