I need help, if someone can give me or trade it. i need one Grog Nozzle!

if someone can give me or trade it. i need one Grog Nozzle !!

Why not just play the Tiny Tina dlc far enough into it to get it (you also need to have the Tiny Tina dlc- you can’t use it in a trade if you don’t have the dlc)? As a mission weapon, it will stay with you so long as the mission is open (and you don’t reset your play thru). Now if you want a GN from the Community Day loot hunt of a few years back, then that’s a different story…

already used the DLC, but it disappears when I go to a friend match. Does anybody have a gun that left?

Four things:
1- your friend doesn’t have the dlc
2- your friend has the dlc but hasn’t played it yet
3- your friend hasn’t played the dlc in the currunt mode, be it normal, TVHM or UVHM
4- your friend turned in the quest, thereby losing the GN
If your friend plays the dlc, does the mission and doesn’t turn the quest in then you should both have the Grog Nozzle to use, so long as you stay in the mode you unlocked it in. Also, resetting your mode will cause the GN to disappear from your backpack (you can always reset you play thru so you can get the GN again, if you want it that badly). As I said, you can try to get one from someone that got it from the community day loot hunt of a few years back- but good luck with that…