I need help on borderlands 2

I need help on borderlands 2 I’m a lvl. 46 siren and I need to beat haderax the invincible and terraMorphis the invincible if anyone can help add me gt havenlf14x

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I am in the same boat as you, a few things I need to complete with others for SURE!

My gamertag is “Saxonous”

At the moment I am a level 37 Commando BUT am levelling up everyday nice and fast so will be on track to help you VERY SOON. hmu

When do you want to play some?

I don’t have an account so I’m using my roommates the gamer tag is havenlf14x

Most likely tonight at some point (UK time)?

I have Terramorphous, Hyperius and Pete to do! I will try and unlock Haderax now…

Also Death Race Tier 3, Appetite for Destruction Tier 3, Hyperion Slaughter Round 3 and Bar Room Blitz Tier 3 all need completing for me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s 3:10 am here. I’m about to get on and I could help u with the Pete I just beat him the other day. I haven’t tried haderax yet. But what time is it there currently

Sorry for the SUPER slow reply… Where abouts are you? I am in the UK :uk:

I accidentally started Haderax earlier and he seems relatively easy in comparison to other invincibles that I have tried

I’m in the us but my gamer tag is havenlf14x I’m on right now and need help badly

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I just invited you to my game

Sorry, I don’t have notifications on my phone for these forums. Next time you are on and want to do some stuff send me a message on Xbox and I will come join you :smiley: