I need help on Xbox 360 borderlands

I need help killing 5 buzzards for a mission my guns are not good enough to kill them please help gamer tag is Ninjapeanut1 on Xbox 360

ill help if u still need it , what level are u?

Is anyone willing to help me power level. I finished the game itself and all the DLC content but still stuck at level 45

add me if u want PeterL2014

Yes, still stuck at LVL 45. I did everything in the game but I really want to be the impossible mission which is level 61. Unfortunately I have to go into work now but I’ll add you and if you could help me whenever you have time I’d greatly appreciate it

I can also help you out. just shoot me a message

Thank you!! I will be on Today between 3-10pm. I can sign on whenever your free during that time. Thanks again

I added friend requests my gamer tag is saviorx117
Just let me know when you’ll be on. Thanks again!