I need help please - Badass Rank Reset BL2

I logged into my BL2 save for about the third time today, and have had my 250000 badass ranks completely deleted, along with all my heads and skins, is there anyway to retrieve them? I play on Xbox One

That happened to me on my xbox one a couple of years ago. Tech support said they could do nothing. I had to start collecting heads / skins all over again and earning BA ranks from scratch as well. I hope for your sake tech support has a better answer for you. A tip: if one of your vault hunters is wearing a rare skin or head and that is one of the skins/heads that you lost, don’t change it in the quick change machine or you’ll lose that too. Now when I earn or find a head or skin that I already have, I give it to mules dedicated to heads and skins just in case it happens again. Good luck.