I need help, please!

So recently I’ve been thinking about how it’s almost the end of this year and how I had no idea what I was going to wear for ComicCon, that was until I realised that I should go as one of my favorite characters in the entire BB cast: “Pendles!”
But Idk how I should make the costume, like should I have snake face paint or a latex snake mask, should I make the kamas outta cardboard or should I get plastic ones. So I’m asking the cosplay experts here (I’m assuming) to help me make it.


@NatsumeRyu, someone needs cosplay advice!

There you go :slight_smile:. This guy is an authority on Gearbox cosplay.


@Ganjamira could probably help as well. She’s made some great stuff. Good luck!


Hah, I also thought about crafting his Kamas alot lately! :heart:
I´d use wood & cardboard as core, then work out details with papermache or apoxy-sculpt/epox (for the skull-kama) and for the other Kama I´d use foamplates or heavy cardboard, maybe thin plywood.

Masks are rather difficult though…


Nice, but what about his clothes, what kind of materials do I need to make me look like Pendles

I’ve thought about doing Pendles.

I work entirely in latex over foam (a la evil ted smith on youtube, though i use different foam than him). His pants would be the only place I’d go fabric. Bonus points if you can resin the glowing kama eye with a light in it.
I would see out of his mouth and if necessary add some black fabric there to conceal my face.
Human arms would come out exactly where his are hidden (so the costume would have false shoulders).
Bonus points again for a moving snake arm. Be it robotic or bendable wire. Id probably just build mine static because movable has a whole host of problems. o.o

That’s all the specifics. The rest is ‘just do it!’ lol

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Cool, also about that snake arm, can’t I just wear a snake sock over my arm? lol

Uhhhhh, lets see. As @NatsumeRyu already said, fabric alone will only work for the pants. I think you´ll need alot foam.


  • See if you find thin fitting black leggings. Use very thick white yarn to add some raw sewn threads for the perfect ratchet look.


As base take a sporty black vest with NO hood.
The hood is so strangely formed usual fabric won´t do here.
You´d need foamplates (available in multiple sizes & colors as school-crafting material -> https://www.amazon.de/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=moosgummi&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Amoosgummi
Sorry for the huge link.) to construct a more solid hood that keeps its form.

I´d need to work out a pattern for the hood to explain further…dammit…

Front Loincloth:

rubber foamplates + a fitting strip of black fabric.

  • Cut out a fitting piece of black cloth/fabric (long rectangular strip).

  • Make templates from paper for the grey/orange armorplates.

  • Use the template to cut out the plates from rubberfoam-sheets.

  • If you have cut all plates, paint them.

  • If the plates are done take a hotglue gun and glue the sibngle plates onto the black cloth strip.

  • Cut the holes in for proper ratchet look.

Easy-mode: Cut clothstrip from white fabric (cotton) and take fabric-paint to paint on the details.


Search regulary on Ebay or yardsales for cheap fitting sneakers you could paint & adjust.


  • Search a good big picture of Pendles backside and enlarge the Kobra-logo.

  • Print it out and cut a stencil (as for graffiti). With this stencil you can simply spraypaint the logo onto your vest.

  • Put in a piece of cardboard in the vest so it lays straight and without raffles. Tape the stencil on the fabric and use spraypaint, Belton-colours work nicely. (or at best fabricpaint & a brush, but its more dificult.)

Only spray OUTSIDE! Or wear a mask.


@NatsumeRyu ninjad me there, a fully movable thing will be a hell of a project.

So I´d recommend following Easy-mode:

If you want more complicated:

  • Sew a long hose/snakearm from fabric. Stuff the front parts (everything where you wont have your arm/hand in) completely with foam, spongeparts or wadding.

  • Prepare ALOT of scales from precoloured thick latex-milk. (Each scale needs 3-5 layers thick latex to be sufficient.)

  • Glue on the prepared latex-scales onto the snakearm with more latex or special latex-glue. This will take ALOT of time, since you need to place each scale single and let it dry before continuing.

  • When all scales are glued on, bandage your new snaky tentacle :heart:

Puh…now I need a break^^