I need help with a mission and with accessing a loot chest

I’m playing as a lvl 56, soon to be lvl 57 siren in UVHM, some of the loot might be lvl 57 because my XP bar is nearly full. The mission I need help with is “Toil and Trouble”. There’s a chest in the eridum blight that I wanted to access after the mission but there’s a “Demong” and a group of other “Bullymongs” in the way, it’s the chest in that cave near the gate and the fast travel. Edit: my gamertag is oddinator19 with a lowercase “o”.

so kill them? I don’t understand the point of posting this.

They are not easy to kill on UVHM, especially the demons who always spawn a couple levels higher than me. I eventually was able to complete the mission.