I need help with borderlands 1, Xbox one/360

I need help levelling up, can someone help me by killing Crawmerax a couple of times? I don’t have the checkpoint, Im level 14/15, just need a person or two to kill Crawmerax till Im Max level or at leasf a good bit higher than 15 and maybe you can drop a couple of weapons for me, I’m pretty sure you can still join even if you’re on Xbox 360. Thank you. Send me a message on xbox, I’ll see it faster, my gamertag is ghostreconn1, or leave your info down below

u on xbox one or the 360? if u are on xbox one then I cant help sorry

@wasseemtj I have the game for 360 & One. If you’re still playing, I am hopping on in a few mins if you want to squad up. I don’t mind grinding too. I’ll msg u on XBL in a moment.

Hey, @grrlscout420.

This user has been inactive for several months.

He did leave his gamertag though; ghostreconn1. So send him a message via 360 as you had planned to, but I doubt he’d see the one you left here.