I need help with deciding if i can use my build

anyone think that i can use this build

So what’s your objective with the build and why did you build it this way.

For raiding? Sure. Not SUPER optimized, but it can work.

For playing the game and having fun? Most assuredly.

Looks perfectly fine. Power inside rakk build, keeps up the 50% damage bonus permanently. There’s really nothing that couldn’t work, this is more than likely going to be the meta build (normally I hate using this term for borderlands games, but since evidently this has been a thing for a few years since borderlands 2 and TPS, and I’m just now discovering this after being on the Reddit for a few weeks, as much as I hate it I’m just going to give in and start using it for simplicity sake). Even for raiding, although I have no idea what the raids in this game will entail, all you may want to do is switch the augments on rack Attack to be more utility minded, but even that is more than likely not even going to be an issue.

I’d personally try to get Eager to Impress, but wouldn’t deem it necessary.
Rakk with The Power Inside will be good. If you want some sustain you can always grab healing rakks and get 28% back for each charge.

My rakk build will look like this if you wanna compare.

You will absolutely be able to use this build, probably even quite effectively. It will not be perfect for every situation, but there is literally no build in the history of Borderlands that was ideal for every possible scenario.
As was said above “Eager to Impress” could be a skill you’d want, especially if you consider how big of a portion of your already shortened cooldown 1,25 seconds is. One kill reduces your cooldown by over 8% or by 16,67% if your pet got the kill. And that’s unboosted.