I need help with my level 10 aurelia Will be on the forum page GT: XxPoisonGunzxX

Hai everyone I need some help on my Aurelia i got the SP 2 days ago and i still need help so if anyone can help that would be great thank!! <3

I only got the game recently myself im looking for someone to play through the game with if it helps u any

Can you elaborate on the help you need? at level 10, I find it interesting that you are needing help so early on.

do you need better gear?

do you need help with a boss?

leave the poor guy alone @Kurtdawg13 LOL!

@XxPoisonGunzxX, @PeterL2014 if you guys want help, hit me up on 360, GT is Assasino3678 or Kurtdawg13 will help too LOL.

seriously, I’m willing to help you but may need your assistance doing a few chores in return is all.

well the reason im wanting to play thru coop is 1. almost everything is more fun with a friend 2. i suck at all the jumping around

Hit me up on 360. my GT is listed above. message or friend request is fine.

Sure I’ll try to get everyone who wants to play, I also became a level 26 and im on the mission where you find the eye but i still will help people!

thank you ! I actually would need some help on my lvl 5 doppleganger!

Words of advice…

“If you’re asking for help and you join a (newly added friend’s) game. Don’t jump in way below that persons level expecting to be revived when downed and swooping up all the loot after the kill to boot. That is why I deleted you as a friend as quickly as I accepted you. Not having a mic didn’t help your cause either.”

Poor gaming ethics…