I need help with sniping

Yes, yes…its not hard and everybody can do it…me too. I just feel like I m not very effective to a degree where I neglect a series of gun types because I cant make them work for me. Let me elaborate.

I m not a “sniper” per se. I like to use the weapons when the situation demands or allows it but often enough I can at best use it for a little while at the beginning of combat then switch to medium and close range weapons to end it.

So the problem I m having is…my hit rate is pretty bad. I didnt put any research into this yet but it feels like I miss 50% of the time. And by that I mean I dont get a critical hit. This has become very appearant since I started using a Monocle which due to its special ability is a waste of a bullet or a truck stopper depending on your hit capability.

“Go for the head”. Thats my intention all along. Enemy movement (as jerky and erratric as it is) as well as magnification can both prevent a sufficient result but again…I even miss on stationary targets with a 14x magnification and that makes me “…” because I DO hit the head, just the damage is a normal body hit value and not a crit.

I have picked up annoited enemies with phasegrasp and noticed that “regular” head hits dont result in a crit but I need to hit the MASK painted on their faces to get one and that made me think…

…is the critical hitbox for a weak spot smaller then the acrual object? Or is the hitbox requirement different for sniper rifles?

See I have absolutely no problems scoring criticals with pistols or assault rifles or SMGs…especially when phasegrasped I empty whole clips as criticals by simply aiming at the head…but when I use a sniper I have to hit the “sweet spot” WITHIN the hotbox?

Often enough I take a shot at an enemy in cover and it looks like I miss the head by a pixel because I can see the impact behind him and my aim was centered on his face…still its a complete miss. Switching the gun and taking a shot with a SMG unmagnified where I can hardly aim for the head…critical hit.

So the answer could be simply “I m bad” sure but why can I perform with other gun types yet the sniper rifles dont work for me? I ve come to the conclusion that it must be the scopes because at medium range in situations where I take shots without scope assistance “generally aiming for the head” I can score criticals consistently. Use the scope…problems. Then again…I do have scopes on assault rifles, SMGs and pistols as well and dont run into problems with them.

I could leave them completely of course but I d like to figure out what I m doing wrong…or if the sniping mechanics have changed to a degree that turned me from a snipe-lover in BL2 to a snipe-■■■■■■ in BL3 (because thats how I feel when I use sniper rifles, no offense to anybody else)

Specifically…are there certain settings in the game that affect sniping? Does the hitbox mechanic work differently in BL3?

I m really not looking to get into an argument about this. Its very possible that its my fault somehow. But if it is (even if it isnt) I would like to figure out the “why” and not just give up on it completely. So any tips, advice or explanations?

So far, the only snipers I’ve found to be very consistent are Vladof snipers using bipod secondary firing mode.

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I can’t speak to the question of how hitboxes work in BL3, but I will say that the zoom on sniper rifles was much too high at release. They did lower it a bit, but if you are using the monocle, the zoom percentage will still be really high, to the point that it feels very finicky at the distances that most combat takes place at in BL3.

Since a lot of combat ends up taking place relatively close, I often find myself firing from hip with sniper rifles in this game. There doesn’t appear to be an accuracy penalty to doing so, and if anything, the hitbox feels more generous from the hip. (I’m playing on PC, for the record.) Of course, with the monocle, you lose the bonus crit damage if you do this, so what I tend to do when I have my heart set on sniping is carry a muckamuck or hard hitting purple to switch to whenever I don’t have an easy shot.

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Honestly I’m the same when it comes to aiming down sights with snipers in this game in bl2 I was able to snipe constantly with zero only missing the odd headshot in this one j find I get more headshots just by hip firing so that’s how I’ve been getting crits give it a try and see if it the same for you and also some of the snipers zoom is way too much 14.5 zoom is ridiculous imo

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I don’t have that issue. Hit box is good and Monocle is highly accurate gun. It just crits as usual. I play on pc for the record.

I personnaly clean whole map in M3 with sniper wih either Fl4k or Shield of Retribution Moze.

It would also work with a PhaseZerker amara I guess

It (obviously) only work it you hit weak point.

From personnal experience, sniper really star working out once you’ve unlocked the guardian rank perk which allow your excess damage to be carried over to the next bullet. It allow you to waste a few easy mob and then One shot even annointed.

Sniper that I found to be working :

  • Jackobs sniper for the old : One bullet one kill. I used the monocle but the zoom is awful in a borderland game, so I switched to a purple

  • Dahl sniper for semi auto firing : With their awesome handling and shooting speed, you can deliver critical shot one after the other in a rapid succession. You need to remember that Dahl sniper will have higher actual damage that those displayed since you want to use the “semi auto” firing mode that come with a damage bonus (from what I heard)

  • Vladoff sniper if you don’t want to play sniper and just want an assault rifle that’ll shew through your amno. Honnestly, good weapon, especially with bipod, but not a sniper

There is a lot of other legendaries sniper, but most don’t work like sniper at all in the end.

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I had to play around with my controller sensitivity quite a bit until I was able to snap to crit spots easier. That did the trick as I was, like you, not on the way I was in BL2

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So far i have noticed somethign that happens in a lot of games when it comes to hitboxes, it seems the heads have a taller hitbox than what we can see, but the chest hitbox gets in the way more often than not, i would advice to try to hit enemies in the hair, of course thats a tiny spot, but just go for that, think the hair as the face and you will land many more critical hits… Keep in mind that targets that are on one side are quite hard to hit because of this same problem, damn man didnt think about this and now i add another issue to the game… ffs.

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I gave this a try and have to report that it certainly helps a LOT with successful weak spot hits. I am still getting used to the new strategy and often aim too high missing alltogether but at least its a consistent crit WHEN I hit so thanks for that. Not sure if gearbox acknowledges this, if this is intended or if its supposed to be like this but I personally hope they adress this once they have the more pressing things under the hood.

I have ran snipers in all BL games and this one IS by far the hardest. I find that enemies move MUCH more erratically than other titles.