I need help with using hunter seekers

Ok i finally got my fl4k kicking butt in M6 and use this nad since its recommended for him. But i dont see it being of any help. What i mean is how those that recommend it, what am i missing? Its a cloning not mitosis, is that the issue? Or lead me to some material that will explain it. If you need more specifics let me know.

@YIPIKIYA The grenade itself does not do anything special. However, the primary purpose of using a Hunter-Seeker is ammo regen and cooldown reduction. In conjunction with Fl4k’s Leave No Trace, Head Count, and Megavore skills, however, the Hunter Seeker can regen ammo and get your cooldown back on Fade Away.

The Hunter Seeker does not work as a standard grenade, but rather fires bullets at the enemies. Those bullets can crit on their own and also can crit through Megavore (if you have that specced).

The main use of the Hunter Seeker is for ammo-hungry launcher builds, but it can be used in conjunction with any weapon. I just generally feel no need to use the Hunter Seeker unless I am using launchers. Ammo usually is not a problem for Fl4k due to his skills.

Hope this helps!

EDIT: You can also hold an Unforgiven while you throw Hunter Seekers and crit swap. I haven’t tried this yet on M10 because it is not really my thing, but on M4 this used to wreck.

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Excellent! Yes that helps and explains why i wasnt seeing anything happening but i am new to him. I am using ase rakk build “which i should have mentioned” will the cooldown properties apply?

Head Count currently isn’t working with Rakk Attack unfortunately.


Also, since it fires bullets it stacks Furious Attack for you. And also also, if you are running a Bounty hunter com it triggers all hunt skills that csn be triggered by Fl4k (so no Frenzy).

It is a great utility nade!


I might have an extra Mitosis in my bank I could send ya, it bas a lot more bang than the Cloning version.

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So its an either or type situation. Guess ill experiment since i just got a build together. Thanks.

Yep, second all of the above. It does a lot of things for Fl4k. That said, the Hunter-Seeker is more of a “nice to have” than a “have to have.” It helps, but is by no means a requirement. I am sure @darreltan2004 probably has a write-up on the Hunter-Seeker in the Fl4k TG thread as well.

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Man if Head Count was working that would be crazy. Im on xbox btw, Would be very generous of you.

True, it’s not absolutely needed. But I got used to running every build with it. It just does so many things while the other nade don’t. Except the hex which can at least proc Head count and LnT via Megavore and natural crits.

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Ok so it can;

-regen ammo
-increase cooldown through Head Count but its MIA right now w/rakk
-crit through Megavore
-stack Furious Attack
-trigger hunter skills with a bounty hunter mod

seems like a good addition if all were working but it seems you have to figure if a build benefits. What im running will take some trial and error, all good info VH’s, thanks.

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On lower Mayhem levels, when paired with a nice Unforgiven can be. . A helluva thing


@YIPIKIYA If you are running Rakks only, I highly recommend not spec’ing HC and instead investing the full 5/5 points in Eager to Impress in the green tree. I have found that in dense mobbing areas, that is way more than enough cooldown to give me my Rakks pretty much upon command anyway. And you avoid the HC bug, which does not happen 100% of the time (or at least it used to not be broken ALL the time, I think now it is broken all the time), but often enough to be really frustrating.


Good to know, thanks!

You ever play co-op? I believe everyone on this thread is on Xbox lol

I mainly solo because of my schedule. Sometimes it’s days before I play again.

That’s funny, I just noticed that. @vCarpeDiemv and @derwitte are decent dudes, if you ever want to play co-op they are good to run with. EDIT: and I am sure all 3 of us would be willing to lend you some gear.


Awesome! I’ll keep you guys names to the side. I never got quarantined so kept working but might have some days coming up to play a good bit.

I work full-time also, but am on many nights on the east coast in the US. My GT is : Los Serpientes.

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Ok I’ll add you, mines yipikiya. Also on the east coast.

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