I need Jack Build Help and EOS help?

So I have a lvl 46 Jack and I want the most broken build I can get rn, I have not done the final story mission yet due to lvl requirements, I am,currently stuck fighting EOS, I do not have Internet at my home so I cant get help.
Anyone know any op builds to use against EOS?

Also this is my first time on Gearbox Fourms.


I’d recommend to spec something like this: http://thepresequel.com/Jack/00000000000000550505003001500515003000

The key skill in this build is Leadership, which procs all your kill skills (Synergy, Winning, Believe and Absolute Advantage) when your Digi-Jacks die, which can be achieved very easily by simply walking away from them. Absolute Advantage is the big one here, because it allows you to shoot for a very long time without reloading, and you can keep it active as long as you keep moving. Teamwork and Winning will keep you alive as long as your Jacks die.

I’d try to find a class mod that boosts Absolute Advantage in order to improve your chances of not consuming ammo. This works very well in combination with Jakobs shotguns such as the Flayer, Quad, Coach Gun etc. Hyperion shotguns like the Development and Thinking and Splitters of any manufacture also work quite well with it.


Interesting, I’ll try it! Any advice for EOS rn I’ve been hiding in a little tube that has a jump pad.


You don’t need to hide in there while you have your action skill up. Teamwork and Winning will sponge a lot of damage and should you ever go down look for one of the corrosive cluster thingies as those will home in on the small enemies and deal with them pretty easily. While your action skill is on cooldown however, the tube is definitely a good spot to resort to. Good luck! :slight_smile:


I finally managed to kill him, I farmed Denial and got a glitched Jakobs Quad, I also managed to make and find some other shotguns.
When I killed him I teabaged him for 1 minute constantly out of anger.


Hahaha, glitch Quad is a nice find!