I need lvl 61 gear, willing to trade for lvl 72's

I need any decent level 61 pistols that are legendaries or unique, and a lvl 61 sham shield (not too fussed about absorb chance) and finally a legendary berserker class mod.
If you haven’t guessed yet it’s for my pistol build gunzerker. I have loads of lvl 72 legendaries and pearlescents that you can choose from!!!
Whether you have one or all of the wanted items I don’t mind, you’ll still get a reward.
Gt: isaacman00


hey I probably have a lvl 61 sham as well as a double penetrating unkempt harold, if you have a lvl 72 legendary gunzerker class mod then im willing to trade

Sorry I recently got a sham and a DP Harold, I also don’t have a gunzerker class mod other than a lvl 50 slayer of Terramorphous

Hey man I can help u if u can drop me your lvl 61 weapons and shields I have a gunner let class mod

Have gunzeker class mod

Sure I’m online right now
Soz I don’t have a mic right now

Um will u drop me your 61 gear?

Then I’ll give mod

Sure we can talk about the deal, I don’t have a mic but we can text talk

Ok I’ll be on in 20 mins ok

Thanks Man U are a nice person

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