I need more tips for spawning Vermy

I have been trying to get Vermy to spawn in caustic caverns for a week now. Have no gotten him once. He hasnt spawned once yet.

I am:
entering four player mode
leveling varkids with infinity and having them fight other enemies
killing varkids once they stop leving

I have only spawned 2 tubbys so far
but like 300 ultimate badass varkids who refuse to evolve.

What else should i be doing?

Maybe this will help some:


You’re actually doing everything right, assuming it is set to 4 player difficulty. You are on UVHM yes? Other than that, just bad luck. It’s why I don’t bother trying to farm him.

the timing of this does help. i have waited for evolution cycles far beyond their ability to occur it seems. should make moving on to more varkid rounds easier in the future

tonight i got 30 ultimates to appear. but no vermy…

Here is my little grain of salt. Every time I pop him, the UBA evolves a couple minutes after spawning. Are you on console?

yeah ps3. got him to spawn three times today. the timing really helped. if they badasses dont become superbadasses really rapidly. and the superbadass doesnt transform in the next few mins i just move on to the next place.

first vermy killed me. stupid butt bees. he vanished after the respawn

second two vermys i killed from cover. both were 2 second drops from zer0 bore shots (that happened randomly) got a gunzerker and assassin skin. will keep trying till i get the norfleet!

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Vermi disapears easily if out of sight, it happened to me several times. Good luck getting your norfleet!

farm round 2 of natural selection wave four is an ultimate. just be sure to fail the round if it doesn’t evolve or dash board if you do beat it. a game backup can’t hurt either.

several ultimates might spawn in round 3 as well.

overall managing enemies there is easier.

I’m in the same darn boat, i just want the darn siren head skin. >< super frustrating.

finally got him to drop a norfleet. shock norfleet.

speaking of heads. where can i find the tiny tina dlc heads?

There is a shift code for it, i think.

I think that the Tina DLC heads are on this page; scroll down to Aug. 13 thru Sept. 1, 2013 for codes for each platform.