I Need Moreeeeee loadouts

Any word if they plan on adding more? We still have 3 more characters to go, not to mention all the PVE story missions that are coming which I am sure will include more gear. It’s a hassle having to switch gear around all the time If I am switching my playstyle from pvp to pve and vice versa. I know some people might say that too much might over complicate things but hey they let you rename the loadouts.

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I have all 15 load outs filled up all for incursion pvp(albeit I don’t use a couple as they are characters I wanted to get better with but were discouraged i.e. Cakdarius) and would reeeeeeeeaaaaly like more space. I would like to have a few pve load outs and load outs for meltdown

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There’s a few threads about it, but more loadouts (that are actually populated with gear) add to the character select screen selection delay. ie, when you first come to the screen and you’re sitting there waiting for the characters to pop up to be selected.
The way the game currently loads your loadouts is at that screen, but it pulls them one at a time at about 1 second each. If they increased it to say 30 loadouts, you’d be waiting 30 seconds or so to even be able to select your character let alone decide on which gear to choose.

If you want to see how that works, go to your gear screen and rename each loadout. Add a 1 or something to the end. Just don’t save them individually. Then go to exit back to the main screen when all 15 are renamed and when it asks you if you want to save, say yes. You’ll see little windows popping up on the right saving each one of your loadouts individually.

Until they get that fixed, I’m guessing no more will be added. They know about it though!

Not sure if that’s the case since me and a few people I know don’t have any issues with the select screen delaying.

Some people are saying it’s because of skins and taunts but I’m not sure

any word on load out increase? I’m maxed out and need MOAR!

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My feeling is that, since they’ve learned that character select waiting time is linked to the number of loadouts that are loaded, they’re not going to give us more loadouts until they can fix the loading screen delay problem.


I like having more loadouts but not if it hurts me during the character selection screen. More loadouts with gear in them = slower load = not getting the character you wanted.

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agreed but I have separate load outs for skill / cost level.

The have confirmed that this is the case.

We want to take numbers of loadouts even further (probably to the 25-30 range, so you can have one for each character, if you’d like). Currently, though, there’s an issue where more loadouts affect the time it takes you to get into the character select screen (we’re loading in that data from our servers). We will have a fix in an upcoming patch (not the very next one, though). So, we’re going to hold at 15 for now, and raise the number again in the future.

Dated July 14, so we can probably expect an increase soon around when the next client update occurs.

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