I need official confirmation on how this mayhem stat works

-45% elemental resist, please can someone from gearbox tell me exactly what this modifier does, because no google results are popping up and I’m pretty sure a bunch of people think different things about it. People claim it means that all elemental damage is nerfed against enemies, like its the opposite of the 70/70 one but if it was that, they’d word it similarly wouldn’t they? Instead of what would imply that lowering resistance stat somehow gives them more resistance, which doesn’t seem right, but if that is the case, the wording needs to be clarified to mean that.

I also haven’t noticed a decrease in elemental damage I’ve dealt with this modifier on, there’s no “resists” popping up unlike the singular -50% damage taken modifiers for enemies, which leads me to believe that it is something along the lines of YOU taking more elemental damage or having a higher chance for elemental status effects to affect you. Can someone from gearbox please confirm exactly what this modifier is?

It’s in the name… You’re taking 45% more damage from enemies that deal elemental damage…


See that’s what I think it does too but I’m seeing so many people in forums claiming that “gearbox wording sucks and it means that enemies take less damage from elementals” but I don’t have a source to link to show that they are wrong because when I try to look up what it does on google there’s no results for that.

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Then it would be “- elemental damage”.

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Yes, I know, I’m just looking for official confirmation so I can point to that whenever someone makes the claim that it means enemies are resistant to everything, because there are many people spreading that misinformation around.

If there is no “enemy” in the description this bonus/penalty is applied to you.


Again, just looking for someone to officially confirm it so the spreading of misinformation can stop. So that there’s something that might show up in a google search for anyone trying to look that up. Like I said, I was pretty sure that was already the case, but people keep telling other people that it’s just poor wording and there wasn’t an official source I could point to that would inform people.

Honestly feels like the whole stat card and modifiers all over again, some people still believe that the weapon damage percent is applied to the number on top when that number already has that factored in.

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Here’s how I think it works, but it’s based on BL2.

ElementalDamageMultiplier = 1/(1+ElementalResistanceSum)

EDM = 1/(1 + bonuses - penalties)

Let’s say you have a 10% bonus to elemental DoT resistance because of gear and you have a 45% penalty because of the Mayhem modifier.

EDM = 1/(1 + 0.1 - 0.45)

EDM = 1/(1 - 0.35) = 1/0.65 = 1.53

You would suffer 153 damage from every 100 points of elemental DoT damage received. Those 153 points would get multiplied by the values for fire-on-flesh, shock-on-shield, etc.

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