I need people too play battleborn ps4. Is really boring playing alone

Add me if you want help i will help everyone C_Baldy_SaitamaZ. Everytime people see me in the lobby they send me messages Please go easy on us Saitama please Mercy XD

What you mean send you messages?

I hope you weren’t joking around. I already make myself look like a fool today.

He’s making a comment about his name. Saitama is the main character from an anime called One Punch Man about a hero who beats every enemy with one punch. People send him messages asking for mercy from such an adversary.

Hahahahaha damn! I would find that funny if people send me those kind of messages!

Feel free to check out our group on the100 and see if it’s good for you. We’re 18+, PS4, and we tend to play evenings and weekends in North America. Cheers!