I need physical(virtual) help killing some raid bosses

I need help killing some raid bosses on Xbox 360 and I’m looking for high levels, 60 and up please. Bosses are: Those invincible dragons, Hyperius the Invincible, Gee the invincible worm guy, and Terramorphis if people feel like it. This really should be easy for high levels cuz I’m in TVHM, meaning all my bosses are level 52. I only want to kill them for the achievements. I’m level 55 and was able to kill the hammerlock one and Pete by myself. I’m a commando and my gt is ODST101 I’d really really appreciate the help. My need to complete things is (in a way) stoping me from starting up UVHM to level up more. So please, any high levels with nothing to do and who know they can cream these bosses, please send me a friend request help wreck these guys. I can’t really give you much but my respect and appreciation. Also, I guess, if they drop a really cool thing, you can have it if you really want.

I can help you Sunday if you still need it by then

GT: BTK420247

Thank you. I message you that day whether or not I still need help. Thank you