I need powerleveling hep

Looking for someone to help me power level my character trying to get to op8 my gt is( I s0 touchedyou ) it’s a zero in s0

Still on and hoping someone will help me

wut lvl u at now??

Im lvl 56 and working to 57

I wish more people still played this game

just depends on when you are on. (time zone). I’m always helping people level in both BL 2 and TPS and it don’t really matter (especially TPS) if your AFK or not, just as long as the toon you want PL’ed is there.

I have a help thread a couple posts below this (though I believe I’ve talked to you) with all my information

I’m on now and I live in California

your around 3 hours behind me and I’m on Lunch, be on Xbox 1 9pm EST my time (around 6pm your time)

Cool sounds good to me

and send me a message on Xbox 1 (if you haven’t already) and I’ll send an Invite when I login

Ok ya talked to you last night so you should have me on there

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Looking to play again tonight trying to get to op8 if anyone would like to help I’ll be online for a few hours or longer gt : I s0 touchedyou
That is a zero in s0