I need some heelp

So im a level 80 gaige and im felling like im using water gun on the enemies so, do you gaige mains have a tip or something

like what gear do i use, what build and so on

Edit 1: Your guys are the best



Can you use this link to show us what you’re rolling with now in terms of build? And what com you are using would help.

As for gear: the top gear thread is probably still relevant, but your choices should be informed by your build. If you’re invested heavy into LBT you should generally focus on shock gear of any type. If you’re using Anarchy I like things with multiple pellets and/or high rates of fire (a Lascaux can get really nasty with a nice amount of Anarchy stacks). If you’re specced for Sharing is Caring roid shields are nice for DT. Etc…

Aside from that there are a few Gaige mains floating around who you should be interested in hearing from, so a couple of pings off the top of my head: @MidnightNova @Curmudge0n Anyone else you folks think would be helpful here?



legendary anarchist class mod


From looking at the build I’d guess that Deathtrap is mainly used for drawing aggro. Robot Rampage and So5G aren’t used, despite the +5 on So5G from the Leg. Anarchist, so no attack bot. Just a thought on that: it might be useful to draw a point from CuT or even 20% Cooler and use that to get Sharing is Caring. At the least DT becomes more durable and with a Roid shield or a Nova shield he can earn his keep.
Another point could go into So5G since a single point makes it 6/5 via COM. Myelin is, to me, always a solid choice, but More Pep (unboosted) is worth it only if your gear relies on elemental damage.
No comments needed on the Ordered Chaos tree, but one: Anarchy Baby!

I am sure it is.
Gearwise there are so many variants that can work… I remember @Carlton_Slayer swears on the combination of Infinity pistol and Bee shield even for Peak runs, a Slagga is almost universally recognized as a useful slagging tool in UVHM, everybody seems to have an Unkempt Harold in their back pocket, Pimpernels, Fastballs, simple Slag Transfusion grenades… Here we are back to personal preference, I guess.

On the personal preference note, I started the new DLC with a level 72 Gaige with the following loadout:

  • Legendary Catalyst COM
  • Shock Conference Call
  • Pimpernel (Corrosive)
  • Fibber (NE, ricochet barrel)
  • Hard Unkempt Harold
  • Longbow Storm Front
  • Shock Bone of the Ancients
  • Adaptive Shield
    Also, a Slagga and a Bee in the backpack. Most of the time I don’t slag and swap, because 10/5 in Interspersed Outburst takes care of that.

Exactly :wink:

Thing is, I can only say that this loadout works well for me, but maybe some of the post is of use.


You might need to mend your build a bit. Try this build out, and see if you like it. This build will make DT quite a bit more useful, and I’ve moved all but one point out of more pep because it’s not really a useful skill (you could run a Leg. Mechro COM if you wanted to boost it). You should pick up an on level ricochet fibber which in your case should probably be NE since you’re not running Gaige’s electric focused skills (but you could still go for shock if you wanted to). I also recommend dropping back into NVHM, or TVHM to pick up a 1.0 fuse time Longbow slag crossfire (1.0 fuse time acts like 0 fuse time on this particular grenade mod), or trying to get a 0 fuse time Longbow slag bouncing betty from a vending machine, or the train chests in the Mercenary Day HH pack. Like someone has already said you can also run a Roid, or Nova shield (a Love Thumper would work well for the best of both worlds) for DT, or you could also run a Blockade (my shield of choice for Gaige) for it massive damage reduction. After this check her top gear thread, and figure out what gear you like, and will make the most of, and you should be all good.

You could also try my build if you wanted to. At level 80 it would probably look like this.


I’m no expert, but I have a couple of thoughts: If you aren’t running Sharing is Caring I think you could do better with those points in 20% Cooler, I find that 300 stacks is usually plenty so I stick with 3 points in Preshrunk Cyberpunk, Cooking Up Trouble is something I only spec while using Jakobs shotguns but I think that Smaller Lighter Faster boosted might make most of those unusable, and More Pep is meh at best. I’d probably take most (or all) of your BFF points past Upshot Robot and build LBT more fully or ditch LBT past Shock and Aarrgghh and go for a fuller BFF tree (with that com I’d probably prefer LBT heavy over BFF heavy and focus on Gaige’s damage, FWIW). For relics I usually use Bones with the appropriate element for whatever map I’m on at the time, shock is a good all around choice with LBT. For grenades I like Magic Missiles because regen+slag, but any good slag nade would do the job. Basically I’m suggesting something very similar, if not identical, to the builds @Curmudge0n and @Kick_Smass posted.


Thanks a lot man <3


With the exception of Sal and Krieg all of my Handsome Collection VH’s made it to OP8 by using InfiniBee to some extent (Krieg used a RR 99% of the time). If you’ve done the Tiny Tina dlc Gaige’s D&D themed Neutral class coms have mag size boosts that let her use an Infinity while rocking an OC build (I also focused more on her LBT tree). It took me damn near forever to get her there (and the use of a Blockade shield for tougher fights the the x4 Assassin spawn) but it worked for me… :grin:


Hey, 'm trying to help out my friend with her Gaige spec/loadout. Can you please expand on your level 80 build here?


They usually have BFF, so just wondering on the best shields/COM/etc. Thanks!

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There’s a link to a build using BFF in my first post (based off the OPs original build). As for what I use with my Gaige build, my go to shield is the blockade, but if she wants to run the build utilizing sharing is caring she could use a melee, or nova shield (a love thumper gives roid damage, and nova damage on melee hits, so DT could make great use of it. Be careful though as the nova damage can hurt Herself, and her allies). If you want more references for gear you should check this thread out.

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