I need some help. In BL2

I’m having trouble getting my Zer0 to Level 72 (Poor guy can’t take a hit…), so, I’m breaking my rule and asking for a certain type of help.

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me power level to 72 so that I can play with my friends and help them in their UVM run.

I’m not asking for this for free, I have an OP 8 DEVASTATOR PISTOL and…it’s a SERAPH GRENADE, ALSO OP 8!

I’ll give you both of these if you’d like them, I just need help getting to Level 72. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance! My GT is AutobotMirage28

Before you give up on solo, maybe check for advice on build and gear in the Zer0 sub-category:


You can recreate your build here, then post the link so people know what you are currently using:


Still need help msg me
Gt: pro50cal sniper

Just looking for some friends to play. I will add yal. The name is AGC shooter add me if you wanna play some borderlands. Played it on the old gen now I’m trying to play with some friends on the new gen