I need some help. (PC Game)

Hi there.
I am a level 53 Moze character. This is my first post.
I am locked in a mission. I find myself with this active mission: “STEPS FROM GIANT”.
There is a Door, just near the end of this planet that is not working. I have contacted with Epic Games support, but nothing works. (They have suggested something but it is not working)
I also am in contact with support 2k.com but it is not working. (They have suggested something but it is not working)
I need help to play coop another friend to let him or her, and let him or her to be the host. I dont want to loot. It will be for my helper.
Thanks to all.
My user is: Zazomix.
{deleted by moderator}

I can host if you’re down in the next like hour (after that, it’ll be much later in the day here).

I added you through SHiFT. If you see me online this morning, send a message or reply to this post.

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Hi Adabiviak
Thanks for answer me.
Mi id for Shift is: 1735504341961093351

Ok, it’ll have to be later this evening unless someone else steps up (like maybe 8 hours or so from now). I’m wrecking the Anointed Alpha for a Linc before I step outside for the day.

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Here in Spain are now 19:00 in the evening. In 8 hours i will be sleeping.
Would be possible after 13 hours for you?

13 hours is fine (11pm here, no problem). We’ll need to get this figured out first. Are you on PC?

edit - check this setting:

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Yes. I play on PC.

Weird :flushed:

Are you on Epic or Steam? I have it on both and can transfer my saves across no problem (am on Steam at the moment).

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I am on Epic for this game.

Ok - when I see you online later in the day, I’ll be on Epic.

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Thanks in advance Adabiviak. See you tomorrow.

Removed the email associated with your shift account from your post. You really don’t want to publish that, and no-one here needs it for anything.


I’m definitely online (as I type this, pages are otherwise loading fast), but when I try to join (or vice versa), we’re getting network errors. I do see the bad connection icon in my hud… just might not have a good connection between Cali and Spain. :confused:


This too, once I’m in your game:


edit - I switched to Epic and we got it. Have fun man!

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Again blocked Adabiviak. :cold_sweat: I will need you another day.

I’m still on - let me fire up Epic again.

edit - or not. As I type this, you’re nine hours ahead of me (it’s 9:20a there, but 12:20 midnight here). I will be on in the morning here at around 8am, which should be the afternoon there? I’ll look for you in the morning (and see if I can’t park my character near that door).

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Invite me when is possible Adabiviak please. Thanks in advance

There you are, hang on while I fire Epic back up.

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But time up after 30 secs.