I need some o e to play with on ps4 The presequal

I’m a lvl 31 Baroness and I need help in every thing but mostly fighting shadow trap in the dlc. my name is jdogg934 add me pls. Thanks!!!

Got ya moved to the PS4 section, friendo. Best of luck!

What’s Ur username

Apologies friend. I do not play on the PS4. I was justing moving your thread to the right section so you could find other players faster. :slight_smile:

Ok thank u

I don’t have any characters at that level, but if you just want him dead I can jump in with a lv. 70.

Psn: shakejunt922

Lowest level guy i have is a 53 claptrap, we can go in and bust some robot behind if you’d like. Don’t worry I’ll keep his action skills to a minimum. PSN is: ultratunaman

Wanna play I’m a lvl 70 now