I need some warrior to defeat a Bad guy

Hello , I am actually a PS3 player who’s trying to find somes mates in this terrible area , I am a Zer0 Player lvl 44 - 45 searching for some help to defeat Terramorphous .
I hope I will find some strong guys
My PSN ID GAMES : Skyzox9

You may want to finish up the main story and complete levelling before confronting Terra - he’s always a level 50 mission, even in NVHM.

I wanted to do it in Normal Mode , but anyway , yes , I won’t take long to level up

If you just want someone to steamroll Terry for you in your game (I’ve never raided on level but I can dispense molten cheese as well as anyone else) I can help you out if we’re on at the same time (I’m usually available during the day eastern standard time). My PSN is Hanzothesaw. Shoot me a friend request and I can drop into your game if I see you on, or we can try to schedule it.

Sent you a friends request ^^