I need some weapons

I am preparing for OP8 and could use some OP7 Pearlescent/Legendary weapons that will be effective. I am on ps4. I don’t want any modded or hacked guns, just vanilla. Leave your psn user name if you are willing to give me some guns and what not. Thanks!

Moved to the online section.

The only thing I have is an OP7 Slagga you could have. Usually I discard any OP7 or lower drops but I can take a look around and see what else I have for you.
Hopefully someone here just recently hit OP8 and are looking to get rid of their OP7 stuff though.

PSN: PlayDeadShig

Just a personal thanks from me and for other people to see, this guy really helped me out. Thanks so much :smiley:

My pleasure! I’ve had a few people here who were more than good to me…just like returning the favor/paying it forward lol.
Enjoy all the whackyness of OP8 my friend…and may those bitches I gave you serve you well :smile: