I need someone to be willing to help me get orange weapons!

I really want orange weapons, so far I have only got the verc but i want a better one. Who’s willing to help me? (PS3) ID: TheAwesomeBoys

What level mayne?

level 50 bruh
(Soon I will be getting upgrade pack 2 or 1)

i have a bunch of level 50s you could just have

Free? Because I’m so noob:(

My Internet is cap so I may lag
probably even disconnect

yea sure you can have them for free

What’s your PSN?

it’s crona609 add me when you get the chance

I’m busy playing MineCraft let me wait an hour I will see what I can do

what level are you

I’m level 50 m8

im a lvl 72 if u still need help

I’m a level 45needing help power leveling and getting level 50 legendaries. Can you help? PSN is clarkgriswold77

i can help you ashtonsteeby