I need survival tips :-(

I guess i had assumed that Nisha was “easy mode”.

Hadnt played her since last year.

Im dying.


How can I survive more?

Using mainly left hand skill tree, Celestial COM, data scrubber grenade and Shield of Ages.

I use a high-capacity purple Adaptive shield and a Vladof Cryo grenade. Also keep in mind that the life-steal of the Celestial com is % based. So if you aren’t dishing out the pain well enough, you’re not getting healed enough. Also, you may need to play a little smarter, as in: go behind cover to let your shield regenerate, play cat-and-mouse with enemies, isolate them, ect. In-your-face might not be your best option to play her as.

What’s your level, and what weapons do you use? I may be able to give you a build for your situation.

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I added an extra line if you didn’t see it.

45, going on 46, using glitched pistols, shotty, electric laser, shield of ages, data scrubber.


Alright, I would go with this for the time being. You get the 25 Order stacks for survivability, the damage from Riflewoman that will make the life-steal from the Celestial com meaningful (as well as killing everything faster), and Bottled Courage so you can instantly regain a large portion of your shields in a pinch if need be. Note that the Shield Recharge Delay and Recharge Rate in Bottled Courage are bugged and don’t work, last I heard. (If I’m wrong, then Chuck80 will correct me.) But it’s the instant shield regain that is important.


With Nisha, a good offense if the best defense.

Kill what’s in front of you fast, and they won’t have the time to hurt you back.

Just put a few points in L&O, enough to get 25 stacks of order, that should be enough for survivability.
Then go for Riflewoman tree.


I never actually checked if the recharge rate and stuff of bottled courage is still bugged… like you said it’s the instant shield part that’s important.

The build you suggested is almost perfect, though if not using jakobs pistols all the time, 4 points into unchained or Crack shot are better than in Hot Lead.

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OMG! Chuck80 complimented my build!
Fans self with hands.


For max survivability I go

4/4 Law 1/1 Order
1/1 Rough Rider 4/5 Wanted
1/1 Discipline
1/1 Blood of the Guilty

That is the setup I use with every build and it works great. I use the biggest purple turtle shield I can find.

If you use a Celestial, max out Bottled Courage too. With 10/5 BC, 9/4 Law and a Celestial you can use Showdown to constantly fill your massive shield every 5 or whatever seconds.

Some people call Eddie a crutch but having it occasionally filling your shield makes this setup even more unkillable.


Got beat to it but @ACNAero has the setup I’d use in your spot.

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@40pounder @Chuck80 @ACNAero


Thanks guys!


Transfusions are always a helping hand when a character suffers from no survivability skills.

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Or Cryo Kiss of Death.

Anyway, my shield of choice for her are either the Sheild of Ages or a Absorb shield with cryo immunity.

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Haven’t seen it mentioned, but…

3DD1.E - farm Vendorious for it until you get it. That’s what makes Nisha “Easy Mode”.

(Edit: Oops, I forgot to search for “eddie” instead of 3dd1 :p)

i never looked back with this build when using the Celestial class mod…

Celestial Lawbringer
Shield of Ages
Longbow Cryo Transfusion
Doc’s Flayer
Dastardly Luck Cannon
Dastardly Maggie (w/ Punisher)
Badaboom (Shock+Swap+Boominator+Scav Grip+Maliwan Sight+Torgue Exhaust)

if you are not using or maining Jakobs gun, then put the 3 points from Hot Lead to Crack Shot
in my experience replaying UVHM with all the story+side quest+dlc+raids with this build on max level the only time i went through FFYL is 1x on raid sentinel and 2x dlc final bosses

The problem with this build/class mod is the dps it puts out is down right awful, the longer your in a fight, regardless of your life-leeching capabilities is that much longer you have to worry about going into FFYL or just plain dying.

If the OP is looking for an easy-mode way through UVHM or any other difficulty for that matter, you need to do more damage faster, and as cool as the celestial class mod is, it just doesn’t help you kill things fast. If stuffs dead, it can’t kill you. Like Chuck was saying early on in this thread.

And hes exactly right. You want an easier play through with Nisha, stop using Celestial Com if your having difficulty surviving. If you like Jakobs guns Glitched or non Glitched I really recommend my build here. If you wanna use all Cryo I really recommend using @Chuck80’s build here. If you like more of an explosion/cryo build, @Sljm’s build is awesome as well and you can find that here. If you wanna use automatic guns of some sort, maximizing dps, use my other build here, though I prefer the Jakobs build over the Automatic one because its much more ammo efficient, kills things faster, and you don’t need to worry about matching elements. So there you have it, if you do happen to have any other questions though, I’m happy to answer them.


I have been using @charrisx 's jackobs Nisha for a little while now and I survive great because everyone is dead. I had a similar build but was using c.lawbringer com and bottled courage, and trying to be about healing and defense. Didn’t work. But when you absolutely destroy everything, nothing can get you :smile:

[quote=“Lazygamer950, post:18, topic:377014, full:true”]
I have been using @Charrisx’s Jakobs Nisha for a little while now and I survive great because everyone is dead. I had similar build but was using c.lawbringer and bottled courage and trying to be about healing and defense. Didn’t work. But when you absolutely destroy everything, nothing can get you :smile:[/quote]

Handsome Jack Quote:

This guy! This guy right here! Tell me more. :smile:

But I use a Celestial com and I destroy everything too :frowning:

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/Comfort @ACNAero

There there… It’l be ok :wink:

I think we all used to use a Celestial Com at some point…but then we realize killing Eclipse/EOS in 10 minutes flat on our best run just isn’t cutting it no mores :frowning: