I need the avenger Plz

I will trade mostly anything for the avenger my pen is Alilami04

Perhaps you should list what type (meaning Prefix) of Avenger SMG you are looking for as well as the Element and the Level of the weapon. Also, listing a few items you could possibly offer in exchange (with the item name including prefix if applicable, Element if any and item Level) might help. I don’t play on PS3 and don’t have an Avenger. However, I am sure you will find someone on PS3 to trade with. Good Luck!

FYI, while the Avenger does regenerate SMG ammo it is painfully SLOW. Paint takes less time to dry. You are better off buying SMG ammo from a Vending machine then waiting for the Avenger to regenerate SMG ammo.

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Thx man

I am looking for any type of the avenger level 61 I will trade
The norfleet
CInference call shock
The cobra
Sand hawk shock
Bartered sTricker
And more

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