I need tips and help on TVHM

So I just started TVHM and have already sent Sanctuary into the sky. At first I was able to kill enemies very easily and was doing fine but now my weapons are practically useless and I am having a really hard time. I’m level 42 and haven’t done any side missions since I started since I heard that you should wait until you beat the warrior. My psn is MrCheese411 if anyone is willing to help me out.

There’s only like 5 side quests that are worth keeping until u kill the Warrior.
Do the quest that give a green item, Head, skins or just money & only keep the ones that give a blue or purple item.

Do all missions to to level 50 when you kill the warrior?

Not sure, do some legendary weapon farming

Only the missions that u haven’t taken.

depends a lot on your character, build and weapons. Can you post details?

Also, do you have any DLC? What I did to level up when things got tough was to do the story missions for the Torgue DLC. An added benefit of this is that it gives you access to Pyro Pete once you complete it.

edit: I’ve just realised this is posted under the Handsome Collection so you will have the DLC :sleeping:. In which case you could do worse than start those for additional XP

Once you accept a mission, it will stay at that level, so be careful about accepting ones you want to save for later. If you already have some, you may as well do them now or they will be all but worthless once you level up.

Yeah I’m a gunzerker and haven’t taken any side missions

Level 46 Gunzerker here, was definitely in a similar place a few days ago. Here’s my advice:

  1. Start doing the Clan War questline, you can grab it at the Sanctuary bounty board and it should get you closer to level 43. After the part where you follow the leprechaun, there’s a red chest that gives level 43 loot and is super easy to farm (just save and quit after looting it). In roughly 2 hours of farming it… I received 2 legendary grenades (yay bonus package!) and upgraded all of my guns / shield / com / relic.

  2. Consider holding onto a blue/green corrosive Sniper Rifle (Maliwan) for buzzards if they’re giving you trouble, I mostly shoot from the hip and stay behind cover. Even the badass ones aren’t so bad with this method.

  3. You might hit another wall around 44/45 before going to the BNK3R. I did the Mercenary Day DLC just for XP, and I will probably go back again to farm the boss if I’m underleveled later in the story. Plus the loot train is awesome.

Ok thanks so much for the advice

If there is 1 good tip i can give you is keep your gear updated. I had the same problem when i was lvl 40. Looked at my gear and saw i had stuff between 30 and 36. Used a few of my golden keys and now im okay.