I need to get a Bekah ar

It’s supposed to work really well with Maggie for M4 Maliwan takedown especially with anointments. Where can I farm one?

I am not sure but is that the you het for tipping moxxie?. I know you get the crit and some kind of ar. The one she gives shouts in an arch.

Complete all the Hammerlock hunts


Would help if you tell which platform you’re on but yeah. Hammerlock is the one who give it for completing all his hunts.
Moxxie can gift several different guns but not the Bekah.


I got lucky, a friend gave me one a while back. My FL4K LOVES IT vs Graveward for farming.

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From what I know, Hammerlock is (at least currently) the only source from which you can get a Bekah. Finish all of his hunts and you’ll get a guaranteed one. Since it doesn’t seem to be able to World Drop and since Crew Challenges aren’t reset in TVHM you can only really get one of those per character.


Farmed a lot, never had one world drop yet. Only ever gotten it through the Hammerlock Hunt. Yet to get an anointed one. Might be most likely to happen if you finish the last hunt on TVHM M3/M4. Or during the 4th week of the 10 year anniversary event, too late for that.


Yeah, Hammerlock sends it to you in the mail after you complete the last Hunt mission (in any order). If you back up your save game file before you tackle the last hunt, you can “farm” for the Bekah you like by using that copied backed up save file repeatedly. After the last hunt, either delete the copied backup file, or put the Bekah you want to keep in the bank.

Yeah, I also never had it dropping from an enemy. Found a lot of Lyudas, but never a Bekah other than the one from Hammy.

Honestly, if you’re going to farm one to get a specific anointment, this is what you have to do. Start a new game and reset all of the quests. Do the Hammerlock hunting challenges, but stop right as you reach the last one and save. Make a backup of your save.

Once you have the backup made, start the game and kill the last creature to get the Bekah. If you don’t get the one you want, quit, replace your current save with the backup, and restart the game. You’ll be right back before you killed the last creature so you can kill it again and get the Bekah again. Wash, rinse, and repeat until you get the one you want.

It’s tedious and time consuming, but it is the only way to farm the weapon and try to get anointments on it.

If you’re playing on the Xbox then you’re basically SOL. You’re better off trying to find someone to trade with if you can.

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I’ve only ever seen one, but that’s cause someone gave it to me. On FL4K it melts Graveward with a crit-based build.

Nice, then Bekah will melt all those drones in m4 Maliwan takedown too. Soloing it has been very hard for me. The drones and the long range jetpack snipers are a pain to deal with. I have 1 maggie and one brainstormer with 100 damage anointments and they really help with crowd control but the long range snipers and drones still get me.

If you save completing the hammerlock hunts for when a character is lv 50 the reward will be lv 50. Otherwise it will be the level of the character when it kills the last mark. Keep in mind crew challenges do not reset for THVM so you only get 1 round of them per character.

It’s really dumb that you only acquire that gun once each playthrough. Why is it being gated like that? The one I have sucks and I don’t want play the campaign again to TRY to get a better one.

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Clearing hammerlock’s crew challenges is 100% you will get a Bekah when the last one is completed. It can still be found as a drop from actually killing enemies. This just happens to be a way you are guaranteed to get said item. Hence why its not repeatable on the same character.

I have had every gun in this drop repeatedly including Lyudas and never seen Bekah. It is not a world drop according to the datamined spreadsheet either.

No it cannot. It’s a reward item only. You can only get it once. You cannot farm it (except in the way I listed above) and you cannot get it from any source other than Hammerlock.

On consoles you have to log off as soon as you get one you don’t like. That automatically quits the game without saving. In BL1 this was necessary in order to farm backpack sdu’s.